Monday, October 24, 2011

100 Chart Pumpkin

With Halloween landing on a Monday {ugh!} and an involved party planned by some of my amazing parents, there wasn't much time left in the day to squeeze in some math. So....I created an easy 100 chart mystery picture for my students to complete. The fun part is that this activity is super easy to differentiate! Pass out blank 100 charts, charts with missing numbers or a completed 100 chart depending on your kids' abilities. Plus, you can give the numbers in so many ways it is bound to keep their interest. Announce numbers to color in tens/ones, as addition/subtraction sentences, word problems, 1+/-, 2+/-, 10 +/ get the point :)

After coloring in the numbers, a cute little pumpkin appears.

**Side Note** I plan on using the interactive 100 chart found in the Smart Board Notebook gallery to follow model. This is what you are seeing in the image above, I left the side bar open so you could hopefully get a better idea of where to find it!

{Download a copy of the coloring instructions HERE!}

cartoon graphicsJennifer

Yum..a sweet candy corn man

Whew...I don't know how you ladies do it! I am having such a hard time keeping up with the blogging and teaching, now that school has settled into a bit of a routine I am ready to jump back in!

I have Halloween on the mind, as I'm sure you do too with only 6 short days to go! I just wanted to share a cute and easy art/writing project my class completed this week to get into the spirit of Halloween.

First we made a torn paper candy corn man, inspired by this post from Made for 1st Grade's Candy Corn themed unit. We added our own spin by cutting our own triangle shape without a tracer and adding torn pieces of orange, yellow, and white paper. The kids choose to snazzy their Candy Corn Man by adding a face, arms, legs and of course a spectacular pair of shoes :)

The following day, we added a poem about candy corn. I deleted the color words as well as the missing verb in the last line. The kids enjoyed filling in the missing color words... but we had to keep in mind what colors needed to go where in order for the poem to rhyme. The poem is a short one I whipped up so it's nothing special, but the kids liked choosing the verb. Overall, it was an easy project which encourages individuality, plus it keeps those copy machines a little less busy!

Candy corn,

candy corn,

orange, yellow, and white,

I sure hope I ___ you on Halloween night!

{Download the Candy Corn poem I wrote HERE!}
cartoon graphicsJennifer