Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Things I Learned from Teaching

I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten to share the 10 Things that I have Learned from Teaching.
1. Laugh with the kids. You will make mistakes and instead of getting upset; laugh your buns off right along with them.
2. You need to explicitly teach how to use and treat school supplies. Little kiddos seem to think everything is edible.
3. Learn your kiddos names right a way. This will help with positive relationship building and your kids will listen to you better. I can't tell you how much my teeth grind when people call me Patricia. Not that isn't a nice name, it's just not my name. On that same note, when my students tug on my arm and say, "Teacher, teacher," I tug back on their arm back and say, "Student, student." They end up learning Miss Gill very quickly. :)
4. Beg, Borrow, and Steal! This profession has a steep learning curve so allow yourself to go to more experienced teachers and ask for help. Most will be more than willing to give you ideas and supplies with open arms.
5. This picture says it all! Ha!
6. Let your kids know that you love and care about them. Not all kids hear it enough and they need to know that they are special.
7. Over plan! Always have a couple extra activities you can do if a lesson does not last as long as you thought. It is will save you from being frazzled and keep your day running smoothly. I like to do a brain break; like a game or a song. I also like to use our Kagan strategies and have the kiddos get up and talk to one another about they are learning.
 8. There is no recipe to teaching. Every year is different and you need to change your classroom to meet the needs of your kiddos. Remember
9. If something is working, don't reinvent the wheel. If something isn't, throw it out.
10. Above all forgive yourself! Even though you do amazing things everyday you are not a super hero; you are a person.
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to go visit with Miss Kindergarten for more wonderful teaching tips and advice. If you liked any of the pictures, click on them and they will take you to the original link.


  1. I love all of these, but #10 is my favorite. We're harder on ourselves than anyone else could be!

  2. Can I start by saying I LOVE the name of your blog? I started following you today.

    I never thought before about Item 5, but it's so true! There have been times when my husband asked me "Where is our colander?", "here is the pitcher?", "Where is our scale?", "Where is the ice cream scoop?". I look down and try to look meek and humble while saying "Oh, I just took it to school for the day." One time, he said "Really, Sharon? You took our toaster to school? Is there nothing you won't take to your classroom?!"

    I really enjoyed reading your whole list of things you've learned from teaching. My last post has a lot of freebies for the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell, if you'd like to stop by for a second.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight