Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Freebie for Owl Lovers

I'm linking up with The First Grade Parade again for another Throwback Thursday. This one comes from my blogging partner Jen. She has an adorable owl theme in her classroom and she put together a classroom rules freebie for all of you owl lovers. I love the idea of the acrostic poem guiding the rules.

Here are some cute rules posters I made using my classroom theme. I created the rules as an acrostic poem with the word OWLS. The letters stand for:

O = Our classroom is kept clean
W = We keep our hand, feet, and objects to ourselves.
L = Listen to our teacher and our classmates
S = Speak softly and respectfully

I used clip art from Lettering Delights (Thanks Deanna Jump!) and after I they were printed, I glued them onto cute scrap booking paper. I hung them near the fun wall decal I bought from the kids bedroom section at Target (in the picture below!). If you think you will be able to use them, download the rules now!

{To get a copy for click the photo!}
Here is a photo of how they look in my classroom. I think they look pretty cute!

cartoon graphics Jennifer
Be sure to look at all of the other fabulous bloggers posting their Throwbacks and thanks for stopping by our little blog. :)

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