Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Put Frames and Banners in Your Blog Posts

A fabulous follower asked how I put the frames and banners into my blog posts. First thing, I was flattered that she noticed. I love me some frames and second, I thought maybe other bloggers want to know how I do it too.

First, I want to give a shout out to Teaching Super Power. She is the creator of the frames that I use. I think her designs are fresh and fun; plus I love all of the bright and bold colors. Please go visit her.

Here is a look at the Basic Brights Bundle that I own and love!
I honestly make everything in Micorsoft Word or Powerpoint. I start by adding the frame to a blank document, then I add in Word Art, and finally the picture. With the picture, you can upload your own or copy paste from somewhere. I always add a link to where I got the picture from if it was via the internet.

I always call the picture fussy when using Micorsoft Word because it won't just go anywhere by being dragged and dropped (in Powerpoint it will). Just highlight the picture. There will be a pink Picture Tools tab that pops up at the top. Click on it and then click on Wrap Text with the dog on it. A selection bar will drop down with lots of choices. I always pick In Front of Text for my frames and pictures.

After I have everything just right, I go to my start menu and use my Snipping Tool to take a picture of just my frame and save it to my computer. Below shows a picture of what the Snipping Tool looks like and where should be. You can also click on the picture to go to the Wikki How page where it talks about how to use the Snipping Tool in more detail. It should be on every computer that has Windows 7 or newer. I also think you can upload one if you do not have one.
Image:3450rev 1.jpg
After, I have snipped and saved the picture, I just add the picture to my blog like I normally would.
Then, when I want to add more than one image, I just quickly change the picture and text and repeat the snipping process. Thanks for the great question and I hope this helps. :)

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