Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

I'm linking up again with The First Grade Parade to talk about my favorite pins of the week. This is such a fun linky because it forces me to look at my boards and I get inspired all over again. Click the pictures to go to the websites these ideas came from.
I just can't get enough of this idea from Kindergarten Works. She has prop ideas that go with 20 different popular kid's books. After she has read the books and acted them out with the class, she puts them in a literacy station and the kiddos act out the story with one or two partners. My mind is blown. Think about the listening and speaking standards that are covered doing this as well as the growth in the students' comprehension. Also so much FUN!
I love this thank you idea from Hillside Elementary Library. How special would you feel if you got a thank you like this. This also would a great time saver because kiddos wouldn't be decorating whole cards.

This one comes from Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy. I really want these plastic drawers for my kiddos to have at their tables. I think it would be so handy for folders, notebooks, and supplies. I would also like to put a turn in basket on the top of each so that I can just walk around and see how hasn't turned in their work. I just wish they weren't so expensive to buy. :(
Here are some pins that warm my child of the 80's heart! Too Funny!
I'm sorry but this is just too funny.
Ninja Turtles! Ha!
I love all of the chevron maxi dresses that are out these days. I really like this color combo and love the single red chevron stripe.
For my future beach house!
Dr. Seuss just had it right!
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  1. LOL! Okay, the one about who to trust shouldn't have been funny...but it WAS! :)
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  2. Love your pins and blog! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Visit my blog for the details.


  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award. : ) You can check out my blog if you want to accept it. Best of luck with your blog! The ninja turtles are too cute!
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    1. Oh man! I just filled out the Liebster today but I will definitely answer your questions tomorrow. Thanks for nominating me Lucy!