Monday, August 5, 2013

Can't Get Enough of Banners and a Freebie!

I started by creating an Eric Carle themed banner for my classroom and then I realized that I just couldn't get enough of banners.

If I can get to the school laminator this week, I will be showing you how I am using this in my classroom ASAP. My thoughts for the banners right now are to color code subject walls in my classroom. Red and Multi will be my math corner. Green and Multi for the word wall and reading. Blue and Multi for science/social studies. We'll see where I go once I get started.

Here are the other banners I have put together. All banners come with all of the letters in the alphabet in all colors, plus an exclamation point and blank banners for a create your own. If you are interested in any of the banners please feel free to click the pictures. They will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers page or click here. Also if you would like a banner theme made let me know. I might be able to whip something up for you. :)

Eric Carle: This one also comes with the caterpillar and the butterfly in all colors.
Blue and Red: I thought this one would be great for a Nautical Theme or Dr. Seuss.
 Bold and Bright Chevron: I just can't get enough of Chevron!
Blue and Green Polka Dots: Here's that freebie I was talking about. My old classroom was a blue and green ocean theme so I added a banner to remember the good old days. The only thing I ask is that if you snag this freebie, please follow me on my blog, Blog Lovin', or Teachers Pay Teachers. :)

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  1. Too cute! I am loving all of your posts! I sent you an email to our shared google account, if you get a chance read it and let me know what you think. Jen