Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday: June 28th

I'm Linking up with Doodles Bugs Teaching again for the last Five for Friday for a while. Sniff, Sniff..
1. My wonderful friends came over on Wednesday for what I fondly call Cheese Night. We do Cheese Night every time my wonderful, allergic to dairy, man has to be out of town. Each person brings something cheesy over and as you can imagine, it is DELICIOUS! This Wednesday, we sat on the patio and let me tell you, the next morning my legs were eaten alive. Mosquitoes are the worst! I am so itchy. :(
 2. I've been really thinking about the beginning of next school year. I will be teaching full day Kindergarten and I worry about how tired we will be by the end of the day. Please note that I used the word we. Then, I started thinking of ways to add in afternoon breaks that took us outside but were still educational. I started with sidewalk chalk ideas and then did bean bags. Click on the links to see what I came up with. Also, please share with me what you do to break up the day.
3. I love send my kiddos on what I call a Walk About. This means there is something around the room that they need to find. I use this with all subject areas. This last year to review shapes, we went on a Shape Hunt. I got these shape posters, free I should add, from Intentional Momma and posted them all around the room. Then, I made up a page for the kiddos to write the names of the shapes as they found them. Click here to get a freebie Shape Hunt page of your own.
I have the kiddos use a white board for the paper so they can walk and write.
I love how this friend is checking to see what shape she needs to go find next. So professional!

4. I have turned into a frame addict. I love making things fun and cute. I was as pleased as punch when I found Teaching Super Power on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have been using her frames everywhere. These green frames are a prime example. She has lots of freebies and the frames are just too fun. I love the chalkboard look and the bright colors.
 5. I'm sure many of you have heard that as of July 1, 2013 Google Reader is going away.  Bloglovin' is a site that will put all of your favorite blogs in one place and it is super easy to add all of your favorite blogs. All you have to do is sign in and hit accept. I did it is less that 2 minutes. I added a Follow Us button on the side of the page and I would be honored if you would follow us on Bloglovin'. :)
Happy Friday!

cartoon graphicsPriscilla


  1. I really enjoyed your post! I love the idea of getting the kids outside! It really helps break up the monotony of the long afternoon in my classroom, too! Thanks for sharing the link with Teaching Super Power! I already have her bookmarked! :)

    Teaching with Twins!

    1. Thanks Polly! I appreciate you stopping by. I can't agree more. I love finding ways for kiddos to be learning without knowing that they are learning. Sneaky!

  2. Hi Priscilla! I just found your blog and I think it is adorable! I love that you put your book pictures inside the squares and circles. It makes it look so nice and polished. I was wondering how do you get those cute shapes and banners on your blog?
    Thanks! So glad I found you and am now a follower :)
    The Teacher and the Frog

    1. Thank you so much! I love the frames and banners. I am so happy you noticed them. I thought this was a great question so I blogged about it. Copy and paste this link to get my answer.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. So glad to have you as a follower!