Monday, December 9, 2013

Mean for a Monday

So I had one of those days that really makes you go, that's just too mean to do to a person on a Monday.  I will be fair the content of this post is not educational so if you are looking for center ideas or how to get through until Christmas, you might want to skip this one.

Any hoo! It started with the freezing cold and not enough coffee. Then ended with finding out that there is a lice outbreak in the building and my room is one of the rooms that is possibly housing this epidemic.

Gasp! Shudder!

 I got itchy all over instantly! I think spent more time casually staring at kids heads and scratching off all of my skin then teaching today.

 Not quite but at least I can get a laugh out of lice.
After I got home, and striped off, bagged all of my belongings, and showered with scalding hot water. Then, I had to tackle round 2 of things are mean for a Monday.
My dear, sweet lab has been limited to her outside time and walks since the weather has been freezing and below zero. Well, I think she must have just had enough and decided that today was the day that she was going to dig a hole to China via the bottom of her kennel (Insert mad dog mom face here).
  Here's a bad pic of the mess.

 To Pet Smart we go.......but, I informed Miley to not even think about asking for a toy or a treat. Do you know that one of these kennel trays costs $38.00?!
Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that today was not a sign of things to come. Hope your week is going fabulous and wherever you are, you are warm, toasty and lice free.

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  1. I'm sorry you were having such a bad day---but that lice quote is priceless!!! My pup has been more active too with cabin fever-so I feel your pain. :)