Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowman Writing and Craft

We wrapped up our week of snowy fun, minus the snow, by writing about our favorite snowman. The kids had to write about their snowman first and then make a snowman that matched their writing. They are just too stinky cute!

This one has icicle hair. I just about died. Kids are so creative!

For the snowman, all the kiddos had to do was trace a large paper plate, a small paper plate, and a little plastic cup onto a large piece of white construction paper. Then, I set out colored construction paper scrapes, black beans, buttons, and sequins. The kids were so creative and did an amazing job.

If you are wondering, why yes those are earmuffs.

Here is a copy of the writing page if you want to make a snowman of you very own.
My Snowman


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