Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily 5 Book Totes

I have throughly enjoyed reading the Daily 5 and CAFE this summer. I have so many ideas that my mind is swimming. One of my favorite things I put together was our class book bags for Read to Self. I thought long and hard about what to use for book boexes or bags and one magical day at the Dollar Tree I found these fantastic totes.

I love that they have a pocket on the front for various reading items (I'm thing word rings, book marks, highlighters, ect) and my kiddos look so cute carrying them to their special spot.

I put all of my students' names on them with Avery labels, scrapbook paper, and zip ties. I was considering using the metal rings that open and close but to be honest I felt like we would lose the names, metal rings or both. Plus zip ties are cheap and durable!

For the cubbies, I just took two small standing bookshelves, gave them a little spray paint love, and turned them sideways. The color coded slots help the kids find and put away their book bags quick and efficiently. Love it!
Tell me about how you do book totes/boxes? What works for you?

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