Friday, August 5, 2011

The before...if only it wasn't so hard to get to the after!

Happy Friday! I would normally be very excited to say that, but with summer vacation dwindling too quickly it kind of makes me sad! Since we are new to blogging and love spending time blog stalking all of those a-maz-ing first grade blogs out there, we wanted to begin with some pictures of our classrooms since that is one of our favorite things to stalk. Don't you just love looking into other teachers' honest you know you peek in the window walking down the hallway !

Here are a couple pictures of my new first grade classroom...I recently transferred schools and thus moved into a new school and a new room. Here is a picture from the door. Here is another showing the two large bulletin boards which are to the left of the door. I am hoping to have my Popcorn Words (word wall) on the yellow board and my CAFE and Scott Foresman Reading Street Focus Board on the blue one. Yuck, the cubbies are in pretty bad shape, I am going to spruce them up with some cute lime green contact paper.

This is a picture of of the library...yikes! Lots of work left to do here sorting, labeling and cozying up this space. Nobody would want to read here as it is now! Here is a view of the back corner. I am going to hang a close line and cute-ify the large board you can see to display student work. I do love the cupboards and drawers, you can never get enough storage!
It's too daunting to actually write out everything on my to do list, but I have 17 days left to prep before the meetings and craziness begins. Be sure to check out my next post...more on my OWL theme!

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