Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Helpful Hints on Hump Day! Easy Editable Signs for All Occasions

I'm linking up with Teresa from Fun in K/1 for my first installment of Helpful Hints on Hump Day!

At the beginning of the school year,  I wanted to make one of those cute picture frames that the kiddos could take their picture with on the first day. With all of the business of a new year, I never seemed to find the time to get one made. I thought how could I get the same idea quick and with less prep. On a rush decision, I had all of my kiddos take a picture holding a blank page of white construction paper.

They looked a little like this. (I added this picture to Powerpoint to edit it.)

Then I realized the greatness of this plan. I can type anything in a text box and center it over the white paper.

I can change the font and the color of the text.

I can use it for multiple occasions and add pictures.

So easy to edit and change.
 I'm will be making a banner with all of the kids pictures and on the white paper, will be a letter to spell out "Welcome to Our Class!" This will be great for conferences.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all of the helpful hints from the other teachers linking up with Fun in K/1.

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